Toni started making music also very, very soon at the age of 4 years – he learned singing, playing piano / guitar and trumpet first from his brother (who is 20 years older and has studied music in the Bruckner Conservatorium [like Mozarteum in Salzburg] in the Austrian Town Linz) – up from this Toni played in a youth-orchestra – and beside he went also to music-school (for singing, playing piano, playing trumpet)… in the past time he has also composed and texted several songs which are still being performed in the radio and TV – also from other musicians / bands.

During his study-time he sang also in the Great Festspielhaus of Salzburg/Austria in

Advent-time with the famous Salzburger Volkslied – choir.

Mr. Anton Hammerer (Toni) – Bandleader

All the years he played with different bands (e.g.: Oberwang Quintett,

Innkreis Buam, …) all over Europe… beside teaching as a self-employed teacher in

private- and trade-schools, he has made much music all over Asia (all over China, Cambodia, South-Korea, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia,…) and performed beside in Europe also with other bands also for TV and radio (e. g.: in the famous music

TV-Show in Austria, Germany and Switzerland which is named “Musikantenstadl”).

Since the beginning of the year 2013 he performs also with Tom (Thomas Schrümpf –who is also a member of Toni’s Beerband) again as a Duo or also with bigger formations in Bavaria, Austria and Switzerland (e.g. with his own band: “Toni’s Beerband” – this group was founded in the beginning of 2013 and is normally a formation with six or seven musicians – playing worldwide on the biggest October-festivals, e.g. Sheraton hotel in Macao, the biggest Sheraton hotel worldwide, etc.). In November 2014 we recorded also own songs for the radio in Changsha (China – FM 102,2)

His instruments and function in the band:

Management, Showmaster, trumpet, Alphorn, guitar, keyboard and vocals.

Mr. Thomas Schrümpf (Tom)

He is originally from Saalbach-Hinterglemm (a famous region for making music and skiing in the deep mountains of Austria – a region of Salzburg).

Early (as a child) he started playing guitar and played also with different bands (like Ginzinger Buam, etc…) in Austria and different countries of Europe and also in Asia in the way of time.

About 10 years long he performed (singing

as a Tenor and playing with his guitar) also

in the famous “Salzburger Schmaustheater” in the Mozart-Town Salzburg (beside the castle of

Salzburg/Austria) – and he performed often also for Chinese Tourist Groups in this theatre.

1996 he went to Bad Füssing in Germany for performing in big hotels. Up from this time we performed also often with the bandleader of Toni’s beerband – also in big tents – and also in bigger music-groups.

In our band he plays keyboards, guitars and vocals (fabulous tenor voice!).

Ms. Theresa Thut

She was born in the Alps of Switzerland – and lives today during the year partially still in the Alps of Switzerland and also in Bavaria (near Munich). Often she is training on her clarinet and her saxophone far above the valleys of Switzerland on a rock beside her alpine cabin.

Some people say that she is very, very shy (to men) – her band colleagues say that she is very friendly and a very sexy, funny girl - she has always a joke on her lips.

Beside “Toni’s Beerband” she plays also in jazz- and blues-brass bands which are playing often in German

and Swiss TV and radio.

Actually she is studying jazz-music (Saxophone and clarinet) in Munich (Bavaria).

In Toni’s Beerband she plays an awesome Saxophone and clarinet and she bewitches the audience with her brilliant voice.

She is a diamond in our band.

Mr. Frantisek Dziak (Franti)

Franti was born on a farm beside the Czech river Moldau as the fifth child – he lives now in Erding (near Munich) also on a farm with his family. He has studied music (drums and guitar) in Prague and is teaching in a music-school.

In Bavaria he is known as the old hand of Bavarian Music, Charm and Joke – till now he has performed all over the world – not only with typical Bavarian bands – also with different blues and rock bands.

In our music-formation he plays an excellent guitar and drums (drums only in the big formation of “Toni’s Beerband), e-bass and vocals.

In German speaking areas of Europe he is very often to see in TV and to hear also in radio.

In short words: A nice guy and a famous brilliant musician!

Mr. Walter Friedwagner

He was born in the wonderful region – named Innviertel – a northern part of Austria

(Upper-Austria) – near to the border of Germany – about 100 km south from Munich.

He is the son of a big farmer – today he still lives on the farm of his parents – but he has found his love in making music – therefore he has studied also music (trumpet and piano) – in the stable of his farm are no cows – there is a big music-studio now.

And so – we can say – where he lives is a big music-farm.

Actually he is holding the World Record in playing two trumpets at once – having 4 jars of Beer (in each jar is 1 liter beer inside) standing on his two trumpets while playing over 3 minutes and 30 seconds like a Duo.

With this mentioned spectacular Show he is also in the Guiness book of World Records and has won the bet at a famous TV-Show in Germany (“Wetten, dass… - with the famous talk show host Mr. Thomas Gottschalk).

He has performed also in different TV-Shows (also in China) and in the biggest festivals of the world (also in the Oktoberfest in Munich). He is live on stage from Australia till Europe!

His instruments:

Trumpet, guitar, Styrian accordion (Steirische), violin, e-bass, baritone, bagpipe (Dudelsack) and of course a brilliant voice.

A smart – pleasant and also brilliant musician!

Richard Penetzdorfer (Richi)

Last – but not least!

Richi – our youngest – but also stage improved musician!

Unbelievable – but he is performing around Europe – mostly with “Toni’s Beerband” – but also with Funk- and Blues- bands.

Actually he is studying jazz (accordion and guitar) and music-knowledge in Vienna (Austria).

We call him also “Mozart” – because with his easiness he performs the most difficult parts of songs like it were normal and he writes also his own songs.

His instruments:

Accordion, E- and Acoustic- Guitar and voice.

Girls should be warned … ;-)… – they all want to marry him!